Tetbury’s Wacky Races

2014 the event will be held on for Monday 5th May so all you adrenaline junkies, engineers and those wanting a family fun day out on your doorstep, make a diary entry now to make sure you do not miss an action packed day.

Given the huge reaction we had last year, we will be delivering a much bigger event in 2014 with many more soapboxes promised, a pit area in the Chipping car park that will allow crowd inspection and the time to talk with crews and drivers.

The race format remains unchanged with each soapbox, after the compulsory judge’s inspection to ensure safety and construction rules have been interpreted properly, expected to complete four runs.

This will comprise a practice run starting at 10.00am (with time for repairs if necessary), followed by a timed run to determine race positions.

The competition part will start at 2.00pm with each competitor having two runs, the average of each run determining a final race time and position.

Early indications suggest 2014 will see increased competitor numbers so it will be important to register early and of course build your vehicle to the required specification, you still have plenty of time to produce a winning machine.

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